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The instrumental jazz music album mix of my new album Entering The New Era (432 Hz). The first 432 hz music recorded album for an instrumental jazz group with piano, voice, drums, trombone and cello. Download the full album: -Bandcamp -iTunes 00:00 Peace In The World 04:46 Journey Through The Realms(partial) 11:09 Transition(partial) 13:39 100 Years Jump 19:46 oo=OO 28:49 Natural Order 33:42 Omnicracy 38:59 Buona Notte Alyssa 43:00 Phoebe At Work 48:18 Space Exploration 57:19 Dimensional Shift Low Gravity(not in this mix) Watch the official videos of this instrumental jazz music album: Check the features of the project: Subscribe my channel, I have a lot music surprises! Youtube: Facebook:

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