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FULL album for FREE download and sheet music at "Feelinks" (2012), nominated to the Best Solo Piano Album of the Year 2012 by SoloPiano in the category Classical / Modern Classical Composer and Producer: J. M. Quintana Cámara © 2012 Videoclip: J. M. Quintana Cámara ALBUM TRACKS: 01. Melancholic November [0:05] 02. Obsession [3:30] 03. Liberation of Mauthausen [6:00] 04. Soul Whisperings [10:14] 05. From the Top of the Cliff [15:52] 06. Sunset [23:08] 07. Discovering the Paradise [28:06] 08. Hope on the Horizon [31:39] 09. Candles under the Moonlight [35:10] 10. With Tenderness and Love [39:04] 11. Peaceful Holy Night [42:33] 12. Praça do Comércio [46:32] 13. Melancholic November (piano and cello) [48:35] _______________________________________________ Website: Sheet Music/Partituras: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: .................................................................................. Music for films, documentaries, videogames and media. MUSIC LICENSING: Would you like to use this music in your projects? you are welcome to use it! Please, contact me on my website. _______________________________________________ TAGS: Best Modern Solo Piano Music, Peaceful, Emotional, Relaxing, Melancholic, Romantic, Music for Yoga, Meditation, Study, Sleep, Soundtrack, New Age, Contemporary Music, Modern Classical, Sheet Music, MP3, Creative Commons _______________________________________________ A solo piano album (and cello in bonus track) with beautiful contemporary music melodies. More than 50 minutes of relaxing, peaceful, energic, soothing, inspirational, romantic, deep and sentimental music. Great for concentration, meditation, relax and unwind. _______________________________________________

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