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Because my previous video got so many views,I decided to make another one! I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE SONGS,NO COPYRIGHT INFRIGEMENT INTENDED! _______________________________________________________ 1.Unstoppable Music-In My Head Part II 0:00 2.Two Steps From Hell-Special Unit 3:22 3.E.S. Posthumus-Nara 5:44 4.Zack Hemsey-Mind Heist 9:04 5.Two Steps From Hell-Dragon Rider 11:15 6.Audiomachine(Helios)-Apollo's Triumph 13:09 7.John Dreamer-Brotherhood 15:50 8.Immediate Music-Spiritus Elektros 20:01 9.Epic Score-Strength To Believe 22:15 10.Immediate Music-Tales Of The Electric Romeo 24:21 11.A Touch of Heaven-Silver Screen 28:22 12.Position Music(Dark Walk)-Fierce Destruction 31:14 13.Audiomachine(Origins)-Godspeed 33:20 14.Twisted Jukebox-Angels Will Rise 36:05 15.Audiomachine-Legions Of Doom 38:17 16.Two Steps From Hell-Blackheart 40:42 17.Heavy Hitters-Hope And Redemption 43:51 18.Audiomachine-Pillars of Earth 45:59 19.Ramin Djawadi-Jason Yang(Game of Thrones Soundtrack) 48:37 20.Future World Music-Passion of Victory 50:42

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