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Discover The Simple Principles To Attract Anything You Want In Life Using The Power Of Law Of Attraction - Download Your eBook 100% FREE Instantly Here (I also got it myself and I can confirm it is completely legit.) Hey guys! This video has been requested by many subscribers now, and until now I sadly did not have the time really to make it, but now it's here! ;) It lasts one hour and it starts with the root chakra and goes up till the crown chakra. Each segments lasts about ten minutes, some last 9 mins other last 12 mins and so on. In 2014, the channel will be undergoing some changes. I'll still keep uploading relaxing music, but I will start making more science based videos (also philosophical ones). I'll start with lots of brain waves Video (I already uploaded binaural beats, but there's so much information to tell!) and continue with neuroscience and physics in general. So I think there will be exciting stuff going on and don't Forget: you guys decide in the end what content will be uploaded! I don't want to displease anyone and fuck up my channel! Most probably, there will be a series of binaural beats first that I create myself now! ;). Many new things are on the way and I am excited to upload these new videos! Merry Christmas to everyone and have all a happy new year!!!! ;) Apply to for a YouTube partnership program: If you are interested in seeing more check my channel: Twitter: pic link:

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