Music and Feelings are Related Each Other

Music and feelings are really inseparable since the musician has “magical” sound to change your feeling. In other words, music can be the best solution to change our mood and maximize our performance. The research also states that working and listening music at the same time are the best solutions to enhance the performance of the worker. The research also proves the significant relation between the music and the enhancement of the performance. Working with music is much better. Of course, the music should be energizing since relaxing music can give unwanted effect. You can also do simple research and understand why music and feelings are related. You can choose certain music and figure out its effect to your mood and feeling.

Music is usually used by theraphist to enhance the medical treatment and help patients recover faster. It is applied to the treatment since the effect of the music is proven by various researchers. The relation between music and feelings can be observed clearly. All kinds of music have ability to change our heart rate. The music is also effective to reduce the blood pressure. In other words, music is effective solution for relaxation since it can reduce stress. The stressor in life cannot be solved easily since people usually face so many problems in their life. However, they can use music to make them forget their problems easily. We can say that music affects our feeling positively. However, the music can give negative effect. It can happen if the rhyme of the music is not in harmony with your feeling. People who do not like Rock can feel headache when they listen this music. Noisy music is not always good to enhance feeling or mood.

People usually listen music to avoid boredom or enhance their mood. Fortunately, we live in modern era so that we can get digital music easily. The music is recorded and it can be listened by so many people. Of course, the music can be copied only with sinngle button. We can download the music on internet and listen it from electronic gadget. However, the music usually has copyright that must not be infringed by the users. In other words, the music must be purchased before it can be listened. Internet also helps us get certain music that fit well with out mood or personal choice.

However, we need to consider the relation of music and feelings to choose certain music.

Music and feelings

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  • Basil Fedorchouk 18/08/2012 at 11:47 pm

    My young friend! I love music, but he did not have a musical ear. Do not know how to play musical instruments, but I love and greatly admire the talent of musicians.
    I served military service in the USSR NAVY in the Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean and constantly listening to Radio Luxembourg from Elvis Presley to The Beatles, ABBA, Salvatore Adamo and everything French.
    At frequencies pilots of aircraft carriers melody sounded Valkyrie, which I listen to constantly when leaving the car in the Carpathian mountains.
    Ukraine is a very musical country (200,000 tones). We not only good tunes, but deep meaning lyrics!
    My English is not very correct and french .Deuchland language never taught! But I love Wagner and all deuchland philosophy and literature.
    My congratulations to you, your family, the beloved girl!

    Vivat la terra Belgique! Welcom to West Ukraine! Region Kossiv, Jaremche! B.F.

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