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The power of natural horsemanship

A horseman is half man – half horse. 

As horseman we learn to think like a horse.
We know how to approach the horse, which is based on love, horse language and respect.
The purpose of natural horsemanship is therefore to communicate with your horse in “horse language”.
It looks at how horses are in communication with each other, as like the body language of the horse gets taken over by humans.

If you want to communicate with your horse, the most important tool you have is your body.
You should use your body both when driving, as in the work on the ground.
We want mutual respect, trust and handle horses in a horse friendly way.
In natural horsemanship, the horse learns calmer, more confident, smarter and more athletic to be. We take the time that the horse needs!

An important thing we need to understand in natural horsemanship and we can not change, is the fact that a horse is a prey and will always feel and behave like a prey!
A horseman is someone who does not behave like a hunter, but as a good leader.
If a horse has confidence in his leader, he will still behave like a prey, because he completely trusts his leader.
He expects of his leader that he can ensure that he is safe en so he feels good.
But once a leader, always a leader is not applicable.
The horse will always test you to make sure that he is still in safety with a good leader!

Horse knowledge, understanding and good communication are essential to a good bond between man and horse!
In this way we achieve what we as a horse lover desire to complete; together have fun in a safe and respectful way!

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