I always have a BIG passion for music, I play piano, violin and do composing work.  The purpose of this website is that people put their self-made file/link and share/show your talents here to the world!   
Musicians on YouTube or other media’s you’re only a number, the websites are too big and nobody sees you anymore! My intention here is to give everyone a chance to show his dance or music.
Music lovers  just click and listen or make your own channel with a album or a playlist. Feel the vibes into your body and share this great music. Be surprised by the many talents that this website has.
If you have requests or tips, don’t hesitate to contact me.

My intention in the future

  1. Webshop with instruments
  2. Downloading for free or with a payment, the artist choose the option
  3. Different backgrounds for each channel or artist, possible to upload one off your own
  4. Movable backgrounds when playing music  
  5. Online Radio
  6. Promoting system with clicks, radio, subscribe… 

More to come,…

Share the same passion and you have a connection, a friend or a partner for life!!


My inspiration for this website is thanks to Roos Buurman.